Tim Ned

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer, Timothy Ned aka T!M NED is a person that exemplifies a true, God gifted talent. Native to Fort Worth, Texas, Tim, a military brat, moved to Houston with his family in the mid 1990s. During this time, he began to create his love for music and throughout his high school years, began to establish a name for himself as a producer among local artists.

Tim’s career began to develop when he secured placement on the Emmy Award winning television show “CSI MIAMI” with the song “Automatic” performed by “The Clarke Boys”. “My love for music flowed through me at a very young age”, says Ned. “The rhythms and melodies were like blood in my veins.” 

Signed to Loud Muzik in June 2011, Tim went on to produce for more established artists such as R.Kelly, Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon, Nipsey Hussle, and even landed another placement on the hit television show “Love & HipHop Atlanta”. With a buzz of successful tracks under his belt, the following year, Tim released the hit single “Black Diamonds” followed by the first of a mixtape series entitled “My Canvas” which included tracks like “Paradise”, “Good Kisser” and “Am I Wrong”.  Tim began to solidify a strong online presence as the mixtape received rave reviews from various local and national media.

T!M followed up with the ground breaking self-titled EP which was responsible for the regional hit "Can't Stop Flexxin" featuring Fat Pimp along with "365", "My Life", and "Can You Hear Me Now"..all of which got T!M Ned nominated for Houston Artist of The Year honors as well as music video of the year.

While in the first leg of his World Tour towards the end of 2018, T!M was so influenced by his trip to London, that he wrote, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered an entire EP project while on tour. He came back to the US with a finished project in hand that would later become the current award nominated EP Late Nights In London featuring the chart gaining single "The Sun" and MAC cosmetics supported single "K.I.S.S."

In 2019, Tim dropped is anticipated post world tour single, Cool, Casual, Sexy in which he debut a live performance while in the Netherlands. T!M continued touring in US once back from overseas, this time sharing multiple tour dates with Ja Rule up until the spring of 2020.

The future is looking bright for Tim Ned. The world has yet to hear the exceptionally diverse music that will come out of this talented mastermind. “I believe God has given me a gift in music to bring people together and rejoice. He has given me a vision to be able to dream as a child and go after my purpose in life.”

Look out for his next major project The Art of Ratchet with Dallas legend Fat Pimp. 


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Late Nights In London

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T!M Ned - The EP

365 - Featuring Chigo Moses